I want you to be prepared & empowered as the caregiver of your family. The first step is to fill your toolbox. These are the things I keep on hand at all times.

With these items, I can handle just about anything that comes our way, make just about any personal care item & home remedy my family needs, and bring world peace & solve unsolved mysteries.

JK on that last part ;-) But seriously, my mommy skills are just about invincible with these things handy.

I invite you to shop these links, load up your toolbox so you are prepared & empowered, and bookmark this page. When you need to use your toolbox, you can come back here to get my top tips, recipes, & testimonies.

Let's Get Prepared

These are my most used items in my holistic toolbox. When someone is feeling icky at my house, the first things I do are:

  1. put essential oils on them topically & fill my diffuser with essential oils
  2. give them a few droppers of colloidal silver a few times a day
  3. follow the directions on the label for Oscillococcinum
  4. give them an epsom salt bath
  5. if it's tummy related, give them a capsule or two of activated charcoal
In my 10 years of parenting, following that protocol along with a holistic lifestyle, I've been able to nip just about everything that comes our way in the bud quickly and effectively! 

Get more tips on my most used toolbox items in this list:

holistic and natural medicine cabinet
Your toolbox is locked & loaded! You're all set for a healthy, happy, & holistic home!
Go make some magic happen!

Holistic Health Guides

11 ways to naturally relieve constipation quickly
natural hangover home remedies
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11 ways to naturally relieve constipation quickly
natural hangover home remedies
detox bath recipes

The No Poo Method eBook
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