Crunchy mamas often get eye rolls because of our crazy lotions and potions we're always concocting, fermenting, and brewing. I love hearing about the crazy & funny, real life situations my natural friends have found themselves in. Have you ever been caught up in these natural pickles? Time to find out!

Let's play never have I ever!

Give yourself a point for every thing on the list that you've done & experienced. If you have at least 1 point, then The Crunchy Moose community is the right place for you, my friend! Surrounded by natural, crunchy mamas trying to figure this all out and doing our best!

Add up your points!

  1. You've gotten coconut oil stuck in your hair for days (psssttt...use an egg wash to get it out! Learn how here.)
  2. You've gotten essential oils in your eyes (psssttt...use a carrier oil to rinse it out, not water!)
  3. Your babies shared their cloth diapers (both of my kids used the same set of cloth diapers)
  4. You have dried kombucha on your ceiling because of that batch that exploded (learn how to make kombucha here)
  5. You're favorite pet is your Scoby
  6. You went 4 years without shampoo (it's me, hi! I did that!)
  7. Your hair, skin, & nails supplement can double as pest control (diatomaceous earth is very versatile!)
  8. You can solve all your problems with coconut oil, breast milk, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, garlic, and colloidal silver
  9. You've squirted breast milk on your baby to cure something -- diaper rash, pink eye, ear infection, etc. 
  10. You have recipes for placenta
  11. You love talking about parasites & even joined some facebook groups about parasites so you could talk to strangers about it
  12. You've pulled a stuck egg out of a chicken's butt with your hands
  13. You love your menstrual cup
  14. You know what happens when you take too much Vitamin C
  15. You know what happens when you take activated charcoal
  16. You think an apple cider vinegar shot burns so good (this is my favorite shot recipe)
  17. You buy raw milk in bulk and freeze it (raw cow milk freezes great! Just thaw it out in your fridge for a few days.)
  18. You had a home birth...and videotaped it
  19. You have a doula or midwife
  20. You've apologized for the way you smell because all your favorite home remedies involve garlic (GOOT is da bomb!)
  21. You think making your own soap, deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste is a fun family activity
  22. Your favorite teeth whiteners are oil pulling and activated charcoal
  23. You only drink water from your Berkey
  24. You see a chiropractor more often than you see a medical doctor
  25. You will never, ever get rid of a mason jar no matter how much it smells like pickles
  26. When someone says "ear infection," you're first thought is "I wonder if they've tried ear candling?"
  27. Your favorite travel hack is dry shampoo. Nobody wants to waste their vacation time washing their hair!
  28. You've matched your outfit to your baby wrap / sling
  29. You cook with whole grains....and you soak them
  30. You have a flour mill in your kitchen
  31. You're a big fan of Weston A. Price
  32. Hiding supplements in your kid's smoothies is your favorite hobby
  33. You bring home your food scraps to put in your compost pile

Let me know! How many points did you get?

Le me know what your score and I'll let you know just how crunchy your granola really is!

No matter what your score is, I'm glad you are here! There's a place for you here in The Crunchy Moose community! Grab some some coconut oil and apple cider vinegar, look around the site and find your next favorite DIY recipe! 
How many points did you get?*
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