Howdy! I'm Ashlee

I'm a Texas mom of 2 and wife to an amazing man. I love tap dancing, pickles, sour gummy candy, fermenting things, hot Texas summers, camping, and essential oils

How The Moose Began

The Crunchy Moose kinda happened on accident. And what a happy little accident it's been! I adopted my son in 2012. At the time, I owned a retail store. I quickly discovered that I didn't want to be a mom that worked 50+ hours per week. So we sold the store. My plan was to stay home with Morrison for a handful of months then start a new career. I have an undergrad degree in Mathematics and a graduate degree in Finance with entrepreneurial experience. I knew I would have options when my son was a little older. 

Those first few months at home were challenging. Transitioning to being home & being a new mom was lonely, hard, frustrating, and amazing. I started to blog as an outlet. This was before social media was all the rage - everyone had a blog. Come on, don't lie! If you were a young adult in 2012, you probably had a blogger account, too! I named the blog "The Crunchy Moose" because one of my son's (short-lived) nicknames when he was a baby was Moose. And "crunchy" is sometimes used to describe all things hippie and know, crunchy like granola! ;-) 
This was my first logo. A crunchy, granola filled moose ;-)

At the time I was recovering from 3 years of spine surgeries holistically. My adopted son was born with health problems & severe allergies and I was working on healing him holistically. I was blogging about what I was doing, what was working, and what wasn't working. 

After a few months, my little blog I was creating during nap time started to get traffic. I decided to give it more time before going back to work to see if I could create an income and a little at home business from it.

After a couple years, my blogs (The Crunchy Moose and The No Poo Method) had over 400,000 page views a month. What the what??!! Thank you to everyone that stopped by my little place on the internet!

In 2015, my daughter was born (she's biological). I had a toddler and a newborn. I decided to slow down from blogging and focus on being home with them for a few years. My blogs were still active and passively carrying on. 

In 2022, about a decade after publishing my first blog post, it was time for a total overhaul. I deleted my sites, upgraded my platform, revamped all my posts, content, ebooks, and courses. It took about a year to complete the process. 

What's Next

Now that The Crunchy Moose is new & improved, I'm excited to get back to what I love most -- creating content and engaging with you! Join my email list to stay up to date with our Crunchy Community! 

I'm so glad you're here!
Howdy! I'm Ashlee ;-) 
I'm glad you're here! Let's chat about holistic, natural, and happy living.

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