Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil with a Printable Quick Start Guide
Peppermint is a versatile essential oil that is great to have on hand. It supports digestion, cools fatigued muscles, opens airways, and creates a focused environment.

benefits of peppermint essential oil and how to use peppermint essential oil
The green bottle of Peppermint is labeled for topical use. The white bottle of Peppermint Vitality is labeled for supplement use. They have the same essential oil inside the bottle -- just a different label! 

Known For:

  • Tummy Tamer
  • Muscle Soother
  • Focus Maker
  • Cooling Sensation

Latin Names:

  • Mentha Piperita

Extraction Method:

  • Steam distilled from the leaves and stems
  • It takes about 1 pound of plant material to make one 15mL bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil

Smells Like:

  • Purifying
  • Stimulating
  • Crisp
  • Cool
  • Refreshing
  • Minty

Cools Fatigued Muscles:

  • Soothing and cooling after exercise

Supports Healthy Digestive Functions:

  • Supports healthy digestive function and gastrointestinal comfort
  • May help maintain efficiency of the digestive tract when taken internally

Supports & Opens the Airways:

  • Creates a refreshing breathing experience when inhaled or diffused

Creates a Focused Environment:

  • Invigorating aroma that creates an environment conducive to work or study when diffused


roller bottle recipes with lavender essential oil


diffuser recipes with lavender essential oil

Dietary / Internal Use:

Peppermint is a crowd favorite. See what others have to say:

  • "Peppermint is my bff when I start getting that "is it hot in here or is it just me" feeling." 
  • "I love it in my coffee in the mornings! I started with 1 drop & am up to 3 now. Not only does it start my day aiding in my digestion, it wakes me up even more than caffeine! I also love diffusing it by itself or with almost anything else!"
  • "I use it for head tension and to cool down. It's one I keep in my purse."
  • "Magical for all things tummy!"
  • "I drink it - 1 drop in water prior to going to the gym... makes me feel like I can breathe a little deeper during hard workouts. Bonus - good for the breath"

DIY Recipes with Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint Essential Oil Recipes for Skin:

Peppermint Melt & Pour Soap

melt and pour soap recipes
melt and pour soap recipes

Peppermint Salt & Sugar Scrubs

salt and sugar scrubs for face and skin

Peppermint Essential Oil Recipes for Oral Health:

Whitening & Remineralizing Tooth Powder

  • Tooth powder is a powder form of toothpaste. It has all the same cleansing and freshening power of toothpaste. Get the diy tooth powder recipe here

diy whitening tooth powder

DIY Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

  • I used to have sensitive teeth. I used to use a maximum strength sensitive toothpaste. I used to use a numbing gel I got from my dentist everyday. And I STILL had sensitive teeth & gums. And then I started making DIY, nontoxic, homemade toothpaste. My sensitive teeth are a thing of the past. Get the recipe here.

diy homemade toothpaste recipe

Essential Oils for Oral Health

  • Want to freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, support healthy gums, and soothe tooth discomfort without using synthetic chemicals & ingredients? Guess what, there's an oil for that! Actually, there are a handful of essential oils for that! Learn what essential oils to use for healthy teeth, gums, and oral health here.
essential oils for oral health

DIY Whitening Mouthwash

  • The benefits of homemade mouthwash go beyond just clean breath & a refreshed feeling. When you make homemade mouthwash, you have complete control over the ingredients you put into it meaning you can choose natural, safe, & organic ingredients that remineralize, clean, whiten, soothe, & freshen. Fully customize your recipe to fit your oral care needs here.

diy whitening mouthwash recipe

Oil Pulling Chews

  • Oil pulling is one of my favorite healthy habits. It's easy, detoxing, supports oral health, clears up my complexion, and freshens my breath! All without breaking a sweat! And my favorite oil pulling hack is making oil pulling chews. When I have these handy oil pulling tablets premade in my fridge, I'm much more likely to be consistent with this morning routine. Get the recipes here.

diy homemade oil pulling chew recipes

Peppermint Essential Oil Recipes for Hair:

Deep Condition Your Hair with Peppermint Essential Oil

DIY Hairspray with Lavender Essential Oil

diy hairspray recipes

DIY Dry Shampoo for All Hair Colors

  • Dry shampoo is a powder that absorbs the oils from your hair & scalp and adds texture giving limp hair more volume. And as an added bonus, it's super easy & inexpensive to make and you probably already have everything you need in your kitchen. Get the recipe here.

diy dry shampoo recipe

Peppermint Essential Oil Recipes for Health:

Homemade GOOT - Garlic Oil Ointment Treatment with Lavender Essential Oil

  • I use this anytime anyone in my house even thinks about sniffling, coughing, or sneezing. It's great for preventative care (like when something is going around your child's school) & boosts immunity. Get the recipe for GOOT here. 

11 Natural Ways to Relive Constipation

  • There are over 4 million people in the United States that are constipated right now and 2.5 million of them will go to doctor this year because of constipation. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do at home to naturally relieve constipation quickly at home. Get the tips including how to use peppermint essential oil for constipation here.
how to relieve constipation quickly

DIY Natural Vapor Rub

  • Popular store bought chest and vapor rubs have harsh chemicals, synthetic additives, artificial fragrance, and petroleum -- not ideal ingredients to support my health. In this homemade natural vapor rub recipe, the only ingredients are coconut oil, pure essential oils, and beeswax. Get the recipe here.

diy natural vapor rub recipe

Buy the Best Peppermint Essential Oil & Get Your Discount Code:

So do essential oils really work?? 

  • YES! They are my number one thing in my holistic toolbox that I use to keep my family healthy, well rested, calm, and focused.

Is there really a difference in essential oil brands?? 

  • YES! Young Living doesn't use fillers, synthetic ingredients, pesticides, preservatives, or artificial fragrances. They are 100% real, 100% natural, and 100% awesome! 

And I have a coupon code for you! Grab the latest code and deals here:

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Printable Quick Start Guide to Peppermint Essential Oil

Grab my Quick Start Guide to Peppermint Essential Oil here! This fool-proof guide will take the confusion out of essential oils so you can start dropping, rolling, and diffusing today! 

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