Essential Oils for Oral Health
Want to freshen your breath, whiten your teeth, support healthy gums, and soothe tooth discomfort without using synthetic chemicals & ingredients? Sounds dreamy, right?! Guess what, there's an oil for that! Actually, there are a handful of essential oils for that!

Upgrading my oral routine was one of the reasons I originally started using essential oils. I had sensitive teeth, horrible reports at each dentist visit, used a sensitive teethe toothpaste, and had a prescription numbing gel to ease the pain. My teeth needed an upgrade. 

So I started making homemade toothpaste with essential oils and my sensitivity quickly disappeared!

Essential Oils for Oral Health

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Suggested ways to use essential oils for oral health:

  • You can make DIY toothpaste & mouthwash with these oils or you can even add them to the toothpaste & mouthwash you currently use. 
  • For added oral health, add essential oils to your oil pulling routine.
  • Put a 2-3 drops in a glass of water.


  • Always dilute essential oils. Use them in your recipes, add them to a glass of water, add them to your oral care products.
  • Always follow safety guidelines and consult your healthcare professional.

how to oil pull and what essential oils to usediy homemade toothpaste with baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils

Essential Oils to Freshen Breath Naturally:

Essential Oils for Overall Oral Health:

Soothing Essential Oils:

Brightening Essential Oils:

My Favorite Oral Health Care Products With Essential Oils:

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