12 Melt & Pour Soap Recipes
Wanna make soap but it sounds complicated? Melt & pour soap without lye is for you. Learn how to make melt and pour soap with recipes like morning start, mint chocolate, & sweet dreams. This is the easiest way to make homemade soap without lye or curing.

When I first started ditching & switching our home to upgraded products with clean ingredients, not everyone in the house was 100% on board (ahem....my sweet husband ;-) ). Upgrading our soap was an easy way for me to switch out our products & ingredients  with no complaints! He actually loves my homemade soaps. 

Making soap with a melt and pour soap base is extremely easy. No lye or curing required! My kids love doing this with me and have been making soap since they were toddlers. Here's Morrison & Mabel making soap:

Melt & Pour Soap Supplies:

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How to Make Melt & Pour Soap:

how to make melt and pour soaphow to make melt and pour soaphow to make melt and pour soap

For a 1 pound block of base:

  • Cut your soap base into cubes
  • Melt your soap base in the double boiler or pot over medium low. You can mix your soap bases together if you want. My favorites are oatmeal and charcoal and I often buy a variety pack. You want to melt your soap slowly on low heat so it doesn't come to a boil or burn.
  • Spray your mold with rubbing alcohol. This helps keep bubbles from forming in your soap bars and results in a cleaner impression from your mold. Optional step.
  • Add your add ins:
    • You can mix all your add ins to your entire batch of melted base:
    • or you can customize each bar of soap:
      • I find it mixes best if I fill the mold half full with soap base, add the oils & extras, then top with more soap base
      • You can add as much of each add in as you want! Have fun with it!
      • I use about 5-10 drops of essential oils per bar of soap. 
      • Stir with a toothpick.
  • Spray with rubbing alcohol again to remove bubbles (optional). 
  • Let cool to room temperature. You can put in the fridge or freezer to speed up the process if needed.
  • Remove from mold.
examples of melt & pour soapexamples of melt & pour soapexamples of melt & pour soapexamples of melt & pour soap
^^ My kids really like getting creative & extra with the mica!

How to Layer Melt & Pour Soap:

how to make layered melt and pour soap

To make layered soap, follow the directions above with your first layer. Melt the base for the first layer, add your add ins, and pour into your mold. After the first layer is completely cool and hardened, repeat with your next layer. I like to layer a clear or white base with a charcoal base. 

Gifting Your Melt & Pour Soap

how to gift homemade melt & pour soaphow to gift homemade melt & pour soaphow to gift homemade melt & pour soap

My homemade soap is always a hit when I gift it! 

I give it as teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, etc. You can wrap in a organza bag, exfoliating soap bag, or tie with twine. Get creative and make it cute!

12 Melt & Pour Soap Recipes:

printable recipe cards for melt & pour soap

For all of these recipes, follow the steps above: melt the base, add the add ins, and pour in the mold. You can adjust the amount of each add in to fit your preferences.

Mint Chocolate Soap

how to make mint chocolate melt and pour soap

Morning Start Soap

how to make morning start melt and pour soap with citrus and peppermint essential oils

Purify & Cleanse Castile Soap

how to make purify and cleanse melt and pour castile soap with essential oils

Sweet Dreams Soap

how to make sweet dreams melt and pour soap with lavender and peace and calming soap

Citrus Zest Soap

how to make citrus zest melt and pour soap with lemon and orange essential oils

Lavender Oatmeal Soap

how to make lavender oatmeal melt and pour soap with essential oils

Soothing Honey Soap

how to make soothing honey melt and pour soap with essential oils

Floral Bouquet Soap

how to make floral bouquet melt and pour soap with rose and floral essential oils

Manly Man Soap

melt and pour soap recipes for men with essential oils

Playful Soap for Kids

easy melt and pour soap for kids with essential oils

Christmas Spirit Soap

how to make christmas scented melt and pour soap with essential oils

Vanilla Latte Soap

how to make vanilla latte melt and pour soap with coffee and essential oils

Melt & Pour Soap Making Parties

I've had soap making parties before and they are always a hit! Gather your supplies and invite some friends over. You can provide all the supplies or make it pot luck style and everyone bring one of the supplies. Soap making parties are fun for a wedding or baby shower, staff or team building, girls night out, young girl's birthday party, etc. 

Melt & Pour Soap FAQ:

  • How long will my soap last?
    • The shelf life of your soap can be up to about 2 years if you store it in a cool, dry place. 
  • How should I store my soap?
    • I store my soap in a container in my bathroom cabinet just like any other soap. If your house is overly humid or warm, you can store your soap in the fridge. 

Grab the printable PDF recipe sheets here!

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