Put Castor Oil in Your Belly Button! Say What?!?!
Want the secret button for natural health & beauty?? Look no further than your belly button!

I've done castor oil packs. I've put castor oil on my hair. I've washed my face with castor oil. And I've used castor oil to thicken my eyelashes

But when I saw videos of people putting castor oil in their button before bed and praising the results, I thought "say what??!!"

So I tried it. I put castor oil in my belly button and now I'm singing the praises! 

History of Castor Oil

  • Using castor oil for health and beauty benefits dates back to 4000 BC by ancient Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians. 
  • Modern scientific research shows that the high levels of ricinoleic acid in castor oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This makes it effective in treating various skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and dry skin. 
  • The ricinoleic and other fatty acids present in castor oil help nourish the skin and promote wound healing.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil is about 90% ricinoleic acid. It also contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and triglycerides. Benefits of these fatty acids and compounds include: 

  • May support digestion, reduce constipation, and support gut health
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  • May lessen inflammation & pain associated with joints, muscles, and menstrual cramps
  • Natural skin moisturizer
  • May support hair growth including eyelashes and eyebrows
  • May support liver, kidney, and lymph functions resulting in effective detoxing

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What is Navel Pulling With Castor Oil?

It has a lot of names:

  • navel pulling / navel oiling / navel therapy
  • belly button pulling / belly button oiling / belly button therapy
  • Pechoti  pulling / Pechoti  oiling / Pechoti therapy / Pechoti method
No matter what you call it, navel pulling is easy and effective. 

  • According to ancient Ayurvedic healing  principles, the Pechoti gland is located behind the navel and is connected to the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and nervous systems. When castor oil is put in the navel, the Pechoti gland is stimulated and the benefits of the castor oil can be absorbed by the entire body. 
  • However, according to modern science, the navel is closed and cannot absorb the castor oil
If you practice ancient, natural, and Ayurvedic healing practices like oil pulling, dry body brushing, ear candling, & making GOOT and you've seen positive results, then you know that sometimes ancient wisdom knows more than modern science can comprehend. For me and my experience, navel pulling is one of those phenomenons. 

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How to Navel Pull with Castor Oil

  • Be sure your belly button is clean.
  • Lie on your back.
  • Place a few drops of castor oil in your belly button. Use an organic, cold-pressed castor oil
  • Massage in a circular motion several times until the oil is absorbed. 
  • Leave for at least 30 minutes. You can leave overnight. Or cover your belly button with a bandage during the day so your clothes don't get an oil stain.
  • Shower or bathe normally.
  • You can navel pull as often as desired up to twice daily. Start with once a week and work up to 1-2 times per day to minimize detox symptoms.

Possible Side Effects of Castor Oil

  • Castor oil has been shown to be effective to induce labor. It is not recommended to use castor oil while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are prone to skin sensitivities or allergies, do a spot test on your skin before applying castor oil to your navel. It is possible to have sensitivities or allergies to castor oil.
  • Castor oil is a laxative. Consult your health care provider if you have ongoing constipation, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, or other gut health issues. 
  • Since it is a laxative, it may cause cramping, bloating, and diarrhea. Stop using and consult your health care provider if side effects are ongoing.

What Happened When I Put Castor Oil in My Belly Button?

I was a little skeptical that putting castor oil in my belly button could be different or more effective than other methods. I'm already a castor oil believer and use it for a lot of my health and beauty needs. But what's so different about navel pulling??

After one night I could see that navel pulling was an upgrade! 

I put castor oil in my belly button every night before bed for a week (note: start with just once a week and work up to 1-2 times per day. I already use castor oil regularly so was able to use it daily). Here's what happened:

  • For the first two days I had cramps from the laxative effects. 
  • The rest of the week I have improved digestive functions. 
  • I slept great all week!
  • I had a seasonal cough for a couple weeks. After a few days of navel pulling, the cough stopped. It could have been that the seasonal changes in the air stopped. Or it could have been the immune boosting and detoxing effects of the navel pulling. Or a combo. I'm not sure but I am glad the cough stopped!

Adding Essential Oils to Navel Pulling

You can add essential oils to the castor oil for additional benefits. Get a discount code for essential oils here.

My favorite essential oils to add to castor oil for navel pulling are:
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Can I Use Castor Oil While Pregnant?

Always consult your doctor. Castor oil has been shown to be effective to induce labor. It is not recommended to use castor oil while pregnant. 

Other Uses For Castor Oil

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