Six Amazing Benefits of Dry Body Brushing
Want an easy way to get rid of dry skin & cellulite and increase circulation??!! Me, too! Meet one of my best friends -- my dry body brush

A dry body brush has natural, firm bristles. I like to use one with a long handle so I can easily brush my back and legs. 

Six Amazing Benefits of Dry Body Brushing:

Lymph is a fluid in our circulatory system that contains white blood cells which affects our immune system. It picks up bacteria, toxins, & other waste from our blood and filters it through the lymph nodes, where the bacteria is destroyed or released.  Poor blood circulation means the lymph cannot properly do its job resulting in cellulite, varicose veins, toxin buildup, and a weakened immune system. Dry brushing improves the lymph flow and ability to detox.

Benefits of dry body brushing include:

1. Dry body brushing is detoxing

  • Dry body brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which improves circulation. This increased movement through the lymphatic system results in helping our bodies flush out toxins. 

2. Dry body brushing may reduce cellulite

  • This is the main reason I started dry body brushing. An easy way to decrease cellulite without doing squats and donkey kicks?? Yes, please! 
  • Brushing your skin helps smooth out skin, increase blood flow to the skin, remove dry skin, and promotes the growth of new & healthy skin. All of this can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

3. Dry body brushing is exfoliating 

  • The stiff bristles of the brush removes dry, flaky, and dead skin. This promotes new skin growth. The result is skin that is naturally more moisturized. 
  • Dry body brushing also cleanses and unclogs pores. If you are brushing your face, use a smaller and much softer brush like this one.

4. Dry body brushing supports healthy circulation

  • Dry body brushing supports healthy circulation. Healthy circulation helps prevent varicose veins. NOTE: Do not dry brush directly on top of varicose veins.  

5. Dry body brushing may improve immune function

  • Improved circulation, gentle detoxing, and a supported lymphatic system means a stronger immune system.

6. Dry body brushing is a natural energy boost

  • Increased circulation, gentle detoxing, and a supported lymphatic system also gives you a natural energy boost. Avoid dry body brushing before bed. 

How to Dry Body Brush

Dry body brushing is super easy. It really is simply brushing your skin with a stiff brush. Here are some techniques to improve your results: 

  • Dry brush when your body is dry, before you shower.
  • Always brush towards your heart. Brushing away from your heart puts pressure on the veins. Plus, we are improving lymph flow. Lymph flows towards the heart.
  • The first few times I did this, it was a little uncomfortable (the bristles are a little stiff). But by the end of the first week, I loved it and now find it relaxing.
  • Start at your feet. Brush the bottoms of your feet. Then brush up your legs, long stroking motions towards your heart. I brush each area twice.
  • Brush in circles around your knees.
  • Brush your buttocks and inner thighs.
  • Brush the sides of your torso and your lower back, upwards towards your heart.
  • Brush your stomach in a clockwise circle around your belly button.
  • Brush your hands and arms, starting with your hands and brush towards your shoulders.
  • Brush from your upper back and over your shoulders.
  • Brush clockwise circles around your breast (not on your breasts or nipples, just a big circle around your breasts).
  • DO NOT brush over broken skin (cuts, etc.), varicose veins, or bruises.
  • If you are brushing your face, use a smaller and much softer brush like this one
  • The process should take between 3-15 minutes. I do a quick 3 minute brush every day and about once a week do a more detailed 10 minute brush.
  • Take a shower after your dry brush.
  • Shake your brush over the trash can to get rid of skin cells. Occasionally wash with soap or natural cleaner and water. Let dry completely before using. I use this cleaner.

What I Noticed & My Experience With Dry Body Brushing

  • After about 3 days, my upper back and arms broke out. But it was the quickest break out I have ever had! The blemishes came and went in about 24 hours. I know it was my skin detoxing.
  • I also noticed less cellulite in my rear, upper thighs, and hips after one week! Amazing.
  • After two weeks, I rarely needed body lotion. Because I was exfoliating dead and dry skin daily, my skin is naturally more moisturized and I don't need lotion near as often. If I skip a couple days of dry brushing, my skin is drier.

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