2023 Holiday Gift Guide
It's time to start stocking up gifts for all your favorite people! And while you're at it, grab a few of these for yourself! Here are things I love to get and give! 

Gifts for Everyone!

These are gifts that everyone will love! I have gifted all of these and they are always a hit!

DIY Gifts

DIY gifts are budget friendly and everyone appreciates the personal touch! 

how to make vanilla latte melt and pour soaphow to make mint chocolate melt and pour soaphow to make melt and pour soap for kids without lye

mint chocolate sugar scrub recipe for glowing skindiy pink lemonade sugar scrub recipe for glowing skinhow to make turmeric and brown sugar body scrub recipe for glowing skin

how to make fingernail serum for strong nails with essential oilsdiy dry shampoo recipethe beauty remix diy recipe ebook with a free download

Natural Beauty Gifts

Help your loved ones create a spa at home with these gifts! 

dry body brushing guide to exfoliate and reduce cellulitehow to dermaplane your facethe best razor for women

silk pillowcase for hair and skinkidscents little oiler kit with a coupon codehalf off the no poo method ebook

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