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"Makeup can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn't help if you're ugly on the inside... unless you eat the makeup!" -- Audrey Hepburn
In The Beauty Remix, you'll learn how to use nourishing, moisturizing, natural ingredients to make beauty & personal care products. Many of the ingredients you'll use can be found in your kitchen! 

So yes, Audrey, we can eat our makeup!

The Crunchy Moose blog started in 2012. I was recovering from 3 years of spine surgeries and my husband & I had just adopted our oldest son, Morrison. Mo was born with health problems, reflux, and severe allergies. 

I started looking at alternative and holistic healing methods for Mo and myself. I learned that there were ingredients & chemicals in products I used everyday that were harmful and were hindering our healing. 

So I started to make my own products full of healthy, healing ingredients! 

Mo is now 11 years old, super healthy, and no allergies! I'm healthier & stronger than my surgeon said I would ever be! I even had a beautiful pregnancy with my daughter, something my doctors said would never be able to happen because of my spine history. Read more about my healing journey here.

The Crunchy Moose Blog and The Beauty Remix ebook is a collection of my favorite recipes and tips for healthy, holistic, and happy living.

And I want to give you a free copy!

Here's a Sneak Peek 

Enjoy your book! And have fun upgrading your products & get creative with the process!

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