Easy Homemade Deodorant That Works & An Even Easier Hack!
When I started ditching, switching, & upgrading my personal care products, deodorant was the hardest to find a natural alternative for. The crystal stick didn't work. The natural options from the store smelled funky on their own -- how would they ever keep me from getting funky, too??!!  

Then I tried this deodorant recipe. And it worked!

This is a simple DIY deodorant recipe that you can make in about 5 minutes with just a few ingredients. This deodorant recipe  is effective, inexpensive, easy to make, all natural, good for sensitive skin, and smells great!

What Deodorant Ingredients to Avoid:

Why ditch store bought deodorant? Great question. There are a lot of yucky ingredients in our cosmetic products. Here are the biggest offenders:

  • Aluminum
    • Aluminum is in a lot of deodorants and antiperspirants. It clogs sweat glands and acts like an antiperspirant. 
    • This study shows that women with breast cancer had significantly higher levels of aluminum.
    • This study shows that women that use underarm cosmetics with aluminum have a significant increased risk of having breast cancer. 
    • These studies (here and here) show a link between aluminum & other metals and Alzheimer's. 

  • Parabens
    • Parabens are a synthetic preservative that mimic estrogen, disrupt our endocrine & reproductive systems, and can cause skin irritations. 
    • The most common parabens to look out for are methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, isopropyl-, butyl- and isobutylparaben. 
    • The European Union has banned 5 of these parabens from being used in cosmetics. 
    • This study shows that parabens can stimulate oncogene growth (genes that can cause cancer). 
    • This study shows that parabens negatively affect sperm and testosterone levels in men. 

  • Fragrance
    • Fragrance is a code word for "anything we wanna use and we don't have to tell you." 
    • Companies can use just about any ingredient, label it a trade secret, and throw it in the fragrance category. 
    • It's a loophole to hide chemicals in our products and boy do they take advantage of it! 
    • Since we don't know what the chemicals are, the possible side effects are endless -- asthma, skin irritations & eczema, hormone & endocrine disruptors, and more. 

Ready to Make the Switch??

I have two options for you: an easy option and an easier option! First the easy option:

DIY Homemade Natural Deodorant Recipe That Works:

Now for the even easier option: a natural deodorant hack! 

I made that recipe for several years and loved it! Then I discovered this natural deodorant hack. 

I now use Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste as my deodorant. Say what??!!?? 

Hear me out! 

The homemade recipe is basically coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils. The Thieves Toothpaste is basically coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oils

I've been using the Thieves Toothpaste hack for 5+ years and it's my favorite deodorant ever! Plus it saves room in my travel bag on trips. One product for two uses! 

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