One Year Without Shampoo With The No Poo Method
I stopped using shampoo 1 year ago.

No, I don't stink. Yes, my hair is clean. Yes, my hair is healthy. I use the no poo method natural hair care routine.

What is the No Poo Method?

"No poo" simply means that I don't use commercial shampoo.  

Natural, nourishing, healthy ingredients are what make natural, nourished, healthy hair.

The idea that your hair needs chemicals to be healthy is crazy! And frankly, the commercial shampoo marketers are genius to convince us of that.

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Why No Poo?

  • There are an average of 15 toxic chemicals in a bottle of commercial shampoo. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, allergies, fertility problems, autoimmune disorders, and hormonal disturbances.
  • Commercial shampoo as we know it wasn’t first used until the early 1930s. Before that, everyone used the no poo method.
  • The No Poo Method works with the oil your hair naturally produces instead of working against those oils.
  • People that use The No Poo Method use fewer products, spend less time styling, and go longer between washes.
  • The cost savings are huge! The No Poo Method uses inexpensive, easy to find ingredients.

My No Poo Routine:

For the last year, I've been using baking soda to wash and apple cider vinegar to condition. I use the no poo method. 

It has become more manageable, less frizzy, grows MUCH faster, is shinier, and very healthy. 

I started by washing every 3-5 days and using dry shampoo in between washes. Over time I was able to increase that to 2-3 weeks between washes. There is a transition period as your hair detoxes the ingredients from chemical / synthetic / commercial shampoo. My transition period took about 3 months. Three months of greasy hair and bad hair days. And it was totally worth it! I'm loving my no poo results now. Get tips to make the transition to the no poo method smooth here.

8 Tips to Transition to Natural Hair Care with The No Poo Method

Here's everything I've used on my hair this year:

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Pictures of My No Poo Hair

These are pictures I took over the last year during my 1st year of no poo. All unfiltered.

pictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hair
pictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hair
pictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hair
pictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hairpictures of no poo hair

The Transition

The transition / detox period into no poo can be rough depending on your hair, the products you currently using, and your patience. 

But it's worth it if you can make it through the transition and into the world of no poo!

Note: While I love hearing from you! It's extremely difficult for me to troubleshoot via email. If you need troubleshooting help, I highly recommend joining this facebook group with over 40,000 no poo-ers and ask there.

Check out my no poo page here with all the info you need:

the no poo method natural hair care without shampoo

Get The No Poo Method eBook

No more tears! The No Poo Method eBook is here to save the (bad hair) day! You'll get all the tips & tricks you need to embark on this liberating journey. This step-by-step guide will unlock the secrets to restore your hair's health and unleash its true potential. You'll get all the details on how I cut ties with commercial shampoo and thrived with a natural hair care routine! 

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