The Truth About Fermented Food and How To Get Started

The truth about fermented food & how to get started -

Fermented food is all the rage right now. Well, it’s been all the rage throughout history with records of fermentation as early as 3000 BC. Cleopatra did it, Captain James Cook did it, Queen Elizabeth I did it. And now I do it. Popular fermented foods today include kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, fermented garlic, fermented pickles….you get the idea. I get questions daily about how to get started, where to buy starter culture kits,, & general how to inquiries. Everyone wants to know how to get their fermented probiotics on! [Read more...]

Do Essential Oils Really Work? How This Skeptic Became A Believer

How This Skeptic Became a Believer in Essential Oils -

Ok, I admit it. Like many of you reading this, I was skeptical. I kept hearing about essential oils from all the wacky people walking around smelling so awesome and I thought they were crazy. “Oh, you have a headache? Rub this behind your ears.” “Oh, your son is having trouble sleeping? Diffuse this in his room.” But I broke down and I tried a few of their suggestions. So do essential oils really work? [Read more...]

The 6 Most Important Steps to a Natural and Healthy Lifestyle (That Are Good Enough For My Parents!)

The 6 most important steps to a natural & healthy lifestyle. I did these exact steps for my own parents! A common question I get is, “Yeah, this all looks great and all, but where do I start?” When you are starting a holistic lifestyle, it’s very hard to know where to start and what is most important. Well, here are my 6 top, most important steps to detox your kitchen for a healthy lifestyle & healthy healing. I followed these exact steps for my parents. [Read more...]