How I Got Pregnant in 1 Cycle (… the age of 34)

How I Got Pregnant in One Cycle! ( the age of 34) -

My husband and I were beyond shocked to find out that we were pregnant already. I mean, I’m 34 1/2 and the internet & doctors act like that’s ancient. They said “at that age,” it could take up to 2 years. And while I didn’t think it would take that long, I didn’t think it would take a matter of weeks. So here’s how it happened.

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5 WORST Protein Bar Ingredients……Do Your Bars Have Them??


Protein bars…so convenient yet so full of garbage. They hold the promise of being healthy, easy and full of muscle-building protein.

But have you ever taken a few minutes to look at what’s actually IN them? 

I think you’re going to be in for a shock when you read the TRUTH about the ingredients in some of the most popular protein bars on the market right now. [Read more…]