Current Favorites: February, 2024
Wanna know what the most common comment and message I get??

"Link, please!"

I get it. When you see someone loving a product that you think you'll also like, you gotta know where it came from! So here you go! Here are links to my current favorite products, things I've recently purchased, and supplies for the DIY recipes my family is using now. 

DIY & Beauty Supplies

Charcoal Melt & Pour Soap

Making soap is super easy with this melt & pour soap base! I know I call this recipe "manly man soap" on the blog, but I made this activated charcoal soap for the whole family. It's time for my 10 year old son to start paying attention to & learning about skin care and activated charcoal is just the thing he needs! I used Purification, Peppermint, and Grapefruit essential oils. It's so fun to customize your soap with the melt & pour base!

how to make diy melt and pour soap without lye with essential oilshow to use activated charcoal for health, beauty, face masks, whiten teeth

Tooth Powder

I mixed a little bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and lemon essential oil for a handy tooth powder boost! I've been using this in combination with my whitening toothpaste. I put toothpaste on my toothbrush, then dip it in my tooth powder and brush as usual. I've been doing this a few times a week. My teeth feel so clean and look so sparkly! 

whitening and remineralizing tooth powder recipehow to use bentonite clay for face masks, hair masks, digestive health

Oral Health Books

I've been perfecting my holistic dental health recipes and doing lots of research for my holistic dental health care series on the blog. These 2 books have been my go-to for research and have been referring to them often.

Lifestyle Favorites

Warning: these aren't exciting or life changing...but I did recently order them and am loving them!


  • Not sure what I do to earbuds, but I have to replace them more than I would like to. They stop charging, stop connecting, I lose one...way too often. I ordered these a couple months ago and they are working great! Fingers crossed that I can keep these working for at least a few more months! 

Invisible Belts

  • I hate having a belt buckle bulge. And I hate having to constantly pull up my pants. I saw these on Amazon for $8 and figured it was worth a shot. They are the perfect solution!

Recipe Cards

  • I have a recipe box that I've had for about 15 years. And it was a mess! I was having the hardest time finding recipes in all the clutter of cards, printed recipes, and hand written notes. So I decided to give it a makeover. I ordered these dividers and these cards in 3 different colors. My recipe box is so organized and pretty now!

For the Kids

Five Nights at Freddy's Cookbook

  • My 11 year old son has been interested in learning to cook. He's also interested in all things from The Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. He bought this cookbook with Christmas money. And I have to say.... I am SHOCKED at this cookbook! While it's marketed to kids, it's a REAL cookbook! Last weekend, Morrison made a dry rub for a pork shoulder, roasted it for 5 hours in the oven, made a homemade bar-b-que sauce, shredded the pork, and made quesadillas with the pulled pork, corn he cut off the cob, cilantro, and fresh bell peppers. It was delicious and I'm eating for lunch today! 

Handwriting Workbooks

  • Handwriting is becoming a lost art. My kids (ages 8 and 11) can navigate a computer like it's their job. But writing a sentence in a straight line is a struggle. I got two handwriting books for them (this one and this one).  I am making photocopies of the pages and having them do 2 pages a day. They are actually enjoying it and the corny jokes in the books! After about a month, I'm already seeing improvements in their handwriting. 

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