Raw Goat’s Milk Formula



  1. *My son prefers the orange Fermented Cod Liver Oil. He still takes it now at 23 months old. And I take the cinnamon flavor. Read more about Fermented Cod Liver Oil here
  2. **Read more about probiotics here. Probiotics are important for all babies (breast milk is a natural source of probiotics), but especially important for babies with food allergies. Probiotics were a key part of reversing my son’s allergies.
  3. ***My homeopathic doctor prescribed a folic acid and iron compound to add to the raw goat’s milk. Add soft boiled egg yolks to your baby’s diet (as a solid food, not in the formula) as soon as you can (I added them at 4 months).
  4. ****Read about the health benefits of gelatin here


  • This is the recipe I used for my son. Please consult your physician before trying this or any other homemade formula recipe.