Once upon a time....

...I caught my 3 year old spraying my 1 year old in the face with my cleaner!!

Thank goodness it was the plant & essential oil based Thieves cleaner! If it had been just about any other cleaner, poison control would have been called, a serious eye wash would be necessary, and there definitely would have been tears. But nope. No tears. No emergency phone calls.

So the moral of the story is that if you want to wash your face, use Thieves cleaner πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ I'M KIDDING! I'M KIDDING! There are definitely more appropriate and effective ways to get a facial πŸ˜‰

All I know is that this is the only cleaner I use now in my house on every surface. I love this stuff and am so thankful that it's plant based, effective, and kid friendly.


That little bottle of concentrate makes about 20 of those spray bottles. Most people go ahead & add a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner to their order.

I'm Ashlee. I'm here to tell you some funny stories and guide you through the oily side of life!

This is just the beginning of our friendship. After you get your kit, we'll chat on the phone or email so I can get your personalized welcome package (full of resources - USA & Canada only) in the mail. I will be here forever and ever to point you in the right direction to get all your questions answered.

Let's take a trip....

...to when my life did not look like that cute story above about my kids and nobody would have described me as healthy. I was having surgery after surgery. Then one day it hit me...What I'm doing isn't working. Something has to change.Β 

I started to research alternative healing methods. I found out thatΒ  there were chemicals in my house....in my shampoo, lotion, detergent, air freshener, bathtub cleaner, all over my house... that were linked to my health issues. So I ditched them.Β And I got stronger and healthier.

I became obsessed with researching every ingredient and every company and every product that entered my house. It was exhausting. Then I found Young Living. My frustrating research days were over. I trust Young Living. I love the company and the products.

For me, it all started with this Premium Starter Kit.


For $165 you get:

    • The same kit I ordered when I got started with 12 oils, a diffuser, and samples of my fave products.
    • Wholesale discounts on all your orders. #chaching
    • We get to officially be friends! I get to chat with you and help you see how easy this oily stuff really is.
    • You'll be on my "team." Don't worry, you don't have to do anything or sell anything (unless you want to!). It just means you have access to all of my resources.
    • Peace of mind that you know that the products you are using are safe -- without side effects or harmful chemicals

    Why these oils?

    The 1st Young Living oil I used was Frankincense. I put 1 drop in my night time moisturizer. #whatthewhat I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. Had to be a coincidence, right?!?

    Then I grabbed the PanAway and put it on my back. #whatthewhat I had never experienced anything like that before. Another coincidence, I'm sure?!?

    But the coincidences keep piling up....to the point where I had to admit that there was something special going on in these bottles.Β 

    Here's the dealio. Young Living is in charge of the plant before the seed is even planted. They properly prepare the soil because they own the farms. They source quality seeds. They don't use pesticides. They recycle plant material after the essential oils are extracted. They care about the plants, the land, the products, and your family.

    There are 25 lemons in your bottle of lemon essential oil. Very concentrated. Imagine a field of lemon trees. Covered in pesticides. Imagine getting an essential oil from those trees. How much of the pesticides end up in your little concentrated bottle??? I don't know about you....but I use essential oils to get chemicals out of my house...not add to them.


    • Gentle detox & liver support
    • Flavor your water, icing on your cake, vinegarettes, chicken, and even your vodka!


    • Peppermint brownies. Yessssss. (just add a couple drops to your batter.)
    • Put pep in your step while you freshen your breath!


    • Tummy tamer and digestive soother
    • Put a drop on your tongue or topically on your stomach before you eat that thing you aren't supposed to eat. #yourewelcome


    • This is your immune system's BFF
    • Great for oral care. In fact, go ahead and grab the Thieves toothpaste and mouthwash.

    Peace & Calming

    • My magic go-to-sleep potion!


    • Your magic eraser to "erase the day". Just rub a couple drops on your shoulders or put a few drops in a cup of epsom salt & put in your bath.
    • Use after exercise (or...ummm...sitting around all day) for its soothing, stimulating aroma.


    • Your meditation helper. Don't meditate? No prob, just diffuse and daydream
    • The ultimate of ultimate for skincare oils. My face loves frankincense.


    • Breathe deep...aahh! Spa in a bottle!
    • Cool, minty eucalyptus aroma that can be applied to the chest and throat


    • All things skin support
    • Relaxing and calming (I'm repeating for the mamas -- relaxing and calming! You have permission to use secretly on your kids!)

    Citrus Fresh

    • Fresh, clean, and summery -- diffuse often!
    • Pssttt -- this didn't come in my kit. This was the very 1st oil I bought after I got my kit. It's a pretty special oil!

    Stress Away

    • Meet your new fave perfume!
    • Keep this handy for when you go to the store with your toddlers, you're stuck in traffic, and when you are under a deadline at work.


    • A very popular emotional support blend.
    • Courage & confidence in a bottle!


    • Super duper superfruit
    • Your daily energy shot with antioxidants #likeaboss

    Hand Purifier

    • No yucky ingredients here!
    • The power of Thieves in a handy, purifying gel


    • This stuff is legit. It's the only cleaner I own.
    • Cleaning the house with 1 bottle instead of a dozen is so much more manageable! And it's family safe!


    • Not only is the kit the best deal ever, your account will get an automatic wholesale discount on every future order.
    • If you want free stuff with your orders, check out Essential Rewards (totally optional and totally awesome)


    • Do I have to sell anything?
      • NO! You never have to tell anybody that you use oils. It can be our little secret!
      • After you fall in love with your oils, if you find yourself telling everyone and their cousin about your testimonies, you can always give people your member number so you earn a referral check. But if you never want to earn a check, that's cool beans!
      • When we talk about $$ and oils, I legally have to show you the income disclosure statement. Click here to see it.Β  89.5% of members never sell anything. If you choose to sell, I'm here to help. I'm currently a Gold member.
    • What are my minimums?
      • Nothing. You never have to order again.
      • But when you choose to place an order, your kit comes with a membership into our oily club. That means every time you reorder, you automatically get the wholesale discount. No coupon codes needed. It's a perk of being in the club!
    • I'm overwhelmed....
      • I get it. I was, too. Which oils does what?? How much do I use?? How often??
      • After you get set up, I'll give you a call (USA friends -- for international, we'll email). I'll find out exactly what resources you need for your wellness goals.
      • We have a large facebook community where we share recipes and ask questions. So not only do you get oils, but you could make a few new friends!
      • We have tons of resources available for you to utilize your investment to it's fullest potential.
    • I'm really not that crunchy. So this probably isn't a good fit for me, right??
      • Wrong! Essential oils are for everyone. If your goal is simply to ditch the air freshener plugins because you just found out what's really in those things, then this kit is for you! If you know there are better solutions for your family and you just wanna dip your toes in, this kit covers you! We have members in our group that are super crunchy and we have members that are just getting starting on this journey. Any shade of green is welcome here!

    Let's go!

    Over 4 years ago when I pressed that "order now" button, I would have never ever guessed that I would have experienced the changes I did. As an almost (gasp!) 40 year old, I'm healthier now than I was in my 20s. As a mom, I love having "nip it in the bud" supplies on hand when my kids need an immune boost.

    I'm honored that you are here. That you are curious. That you are learning. That you know that there are options for you and you're trying to find out what will work for you. I know in my heart of hearts that this is the best choice I have ever made for my wellness.

    Click here to order your kit so we can start chatting and you can start experiencing all those "coincidences" I experienced! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Hugs & High Fives -- Ashlee πŸ˜‰Β