Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Get 83 resources less than 40 cents each

Hey - Ashlee here. I know. It's overwhelming. Exactly where do you start with healthy living? Every time I turn around there's a new superfood, a new "expert", and a new healthy trend. So who are we supposed to trust?

I remember about 4 years ago when I felt helpless. That year I was on bed rest from back surgeries more days than not. I became my own health advocate. I began searching and reading and researching. I spent many hours and days trying to find answers.

And wouldn't you know -- The team over at The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle created a library of info that aligns with everything I learned. All of the things I spent so much time searching for is all there in one collection at the super low price of $29.99.

How Do They Do It??

All of the authors in the bundle have 1 common goal. We want to help you on your healthy living journey. Whether you are just getting started or simply need some new inspiration for dinner ideas. So we teamed up together to give you all the tools you need at a huge discount. How's that for a helping hand?!

So What's The Catch?!?!

The bundle is only available for 6 days. Yep. That's right. SIX DAYS. It disappears Monday, September 26, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.


2 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy This Bundle

#1. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Who would want to buy 83 resources for less than 40 CENTS each to have a whole library at their fingertips full of healthy recipes, tricks to get your kids to beg for healthy food (instead of junk food), DIY beauty secrets, and info on how to get control of your hormones??

Here's the deal, yes it's a lot of info. But the beauty of it is you download everything and it's there in your library. Save it all and access it when you need the info. My ebook, The No Poo Method, costs $19.99. This whole bundle is $29.99. If all you ever do is read my book and 1 other, you cheated the system and got more than your moneys worth. I can confidently guarantee you'll find more than 2 resources you will refer to often.

#2. I've Got It All Figured Out

All of your cleaning products are homemade and practically clean the house by themselves. You have more recipes than you know what to do with. Your kids eat bowls of spinach for a fun snack. And your DIY beauty products have you looking 10 years younger than your age.

If that's you, then I definitely don't think you need this bundle.

But if you are like me and you need dinner inspiration, your kids beg for sugary cereal for dinner, and your latest Pinterest attempt at DIY body butter ended up a hot, sticky mess, then maybe a few of these resources can help you out. I know I could use some helping hands around the house.